1. What is a Customized Marketing Tune?

Ans. A Customized Marketing Tune is a tune created to inform customers about your business when they call. The tune enables you and/ or your colleagues  to advertise a marketing message whenever they call you.

2. Why get a Customized Marketing Tune?

Ans. Your business receives hundreds of calls every month. Almost everyone hears the same ring-back tone while the phone is being answered. Having a Marketing tune is the easiest, most efficient and most economic means of mass advertising. Customized Marketing tunes allow you to convey your brand image or message in a way that connects with clients and stakeholders ingeniously.

3.How many user can use the Customized Marketing tune simultaneously?

Ans. You can use the same Customized Marketing tune in as many mobile phones lines / landlines as you want.

4. How long is the Customized Marketing tune Valid?

Ans. Normally it is for life time, however you can stop by unsubscribing from the Service.

5. Can I set a Customized Marketing tune in my own voice?

Ans. Yes, you can record in your own voice by using a good quality microphone in a studio. Then send the wave / mp4 file to us, we will add back ground music and make Customized Marketing tune for you.

6. Are there any handset compatibility issues for this service?

Ans. No, there are no handset compatibility issues. Customized Caller tunes work on any handset model & make. And anyone

calling you from a landline or mobile phone will be able to listen to the Customized Caller tune, so long as you have subscribed to the service.

7. If I change my number/ line, will my Customized Marketing tune remain the same?

Ans. No, you need to re-subscribe. Your Customized Caller tune will stay active.

8.  How much it cost to make a Customized Marketing tune?

Ans. Contact us for a Quote. 

9.  How long will it take for me to get my Customized Marketing tune?

Ans. We have weekly recording. If your payment is done early within the week, marketing tune will be recorded in the net recording. If any changes are effected, we will notify you at the earliest possible.

10.  Whom should I contact to make Customized Marketing tunes?

Ans. To order your Skiza Marketing Tune or in case you need further clarification, contact us through the following lines: Safaricom: +254 713 958 410, |Landline: +254 20 243 9488 or send email to  


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